RootOne Education Requirements

RootOne Voucher applicants are required to complete 18 nekudot (points or credits) worth of early experience learning during the winter/spring before their trip to Israel in order to become eligible for a $3,000 RootOne Voucher. 

All early experience content will be assigned nekudot, or point/credit value, that takes into consideration the length, as well as the educational rigor and depth, of the content itself.   

Early experience programs will utilize one or more of the following formats: online (live) workshops, on-demand workshops, and/or in-person (live) workshops. 

Participant Requirements 

  • All eligible RootOne Voucher applicants must complete at least 18 nekudot worth of Early Experiences with their Trip Provider on RootOne’s digital platform four weeks before the departure date. However, if Trip Providers are facilitating compulsory Early Experiences after this point, teen participants must be registered for those experiences by four weeks prior to departure to remain eligible for a RootOne Voucher. 
  • If an applicant does not complete 18 nekudot within the agreed upon timeline (four weeks prior to departure, unless Trip Provider Partners are offering compulsory Early Experience courses after that date), they will not be awarded a $3,000 RootOne Voucher. Teen applicants who do not complete these requirements will not be awarded the $3,000 RootOne Voucher. 
  • Teens will be assigned specific courses by their Trip Provider and/or will be free to select a required number of courses from a curated list created by the Trip Provider and RootOne Educational Team. Teens may receive nekudot for certain pre-approved Israel education programming at conventions, overnights, or summer camp prior to their trip. 
  • Teens will receive an e-mail notification with a link to register for the Teen Portal after completion of this application and will receive a follow-up email when Early Experiences are ready. 


  • Simply put, 18 nekudot equals approximately 8-9 hours of early educational experience programming and once completed, eligible teens will be awarded a $3,000 RootOne Voucher. RootOne will grant the subsidy directly to the respective Trip Provider to lower the cost of the applicant’s trip to Israel. 
  • Most 30-minute workshops will be 1 credit.