Continuing Engagement Opportunities

Published on October 26, 2022


ENTER’s One2One, in partnership with RootOne, is now introducing One2One²: Jewish teens returning from their Israel summer trip are paired with an Israeli high school student for a series of one-on-one video encounters, continuing their Israel experience. To match with a teen or learn more, click below.

Watch: Does Judaism Believe in a Messiah?

The belief in Mashiach is a fundamental ideal that has been passed down for generations and has created a cohesive peoplehood of Jews, bonded over a shared history and belief of a shared, peaceful future.

Read: Unpacking Kanye’s antisemitism

Let’s be the ones who set the example in our own communities and call out antisemitism. Our words will have a ripple effect, encouraging others to do the same.

Listen: The Power of Love with Meir Kay

Have you ever been heartbroken? How has love transformed you? Why is it so challenging to be vulnerable? In our final episode, Noam and Meir take a deep dive into relationships, loneliness, and their own love languages

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